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What fascinates me about still life is finding the beauty in very ordinary objects; bottles, fruit, white china. I try to capture their form, colour and the effect of light on them, particularly light passing through glass.

Although I have always loved abstract paintings, I was somehow unable to produce them myself. But in 1995, I made the first of five visits to the desert of Rajasthan, India. The colours of the women’s saris, of men’s turban, of the pigments being displayed and sold in markets, all contrasting with the desert landscape, had a profound affect on me.

It enabled me to start painting abstracts in oil, both on canvas and on paper, using a very different technique from that in my still life paintings.

I now divide my time between still life and abstract painting.

I have an ongoing project painting women’s portraits, which started by painting my daughter’s and son’s girlfriends. I have a strong belief in women; their strength and effectiveness as well as their beauty, and so I asked women friends to sit for me and invited volunteers from visitors to my exhibitions.

I have completed a series of twelve so far, each two foot square, in oil paint on canvas; these are not for sale, but private commissions have been taken outside this series.

All my canvases are deliberately unframed. Watercolour flowers and oil on paper abstracts are mounted, glazed and framed.

Painters who inspire me are Paul Cezanne, Pierre Bonnard, Giorgio Morandi, Sandra Blow and Gillian Eyres.

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